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For Sale $26,000.00 YANMAR marine engine 6LYA-STP

This is a complete reconditioned Yanmar 6LYA-STP 370HP @ 3300rpm by a Dealer using all Yanmar parts.

This engine fit like perfect replacement when the same model is need it, or for a re power.
Also is a very strong engine with a lot of Torque for Commercial applications.

slya Aslya B




This is a complete head bolts kit for a Yanmar Marine engine 6LP(A)STE(P) series.  MDR70

These are new bolts and don’t include the washers.


MDR70MDR70 1




YANMAR Marine 4JH4E Injection Pump
729670-51450 Remanufactured .
This pump was complete remanufactured in a professional injection pump shop with over 40 years in the field. The pump was tested and calibrated to follow YANMAR standards for this engine model
We don’t need core , this pump sale “As is “ and buyer responsible for shipping insurance.

4JH4E 24JH4E



This is a YANMAR 6LPA-STP end Cap for Air cooler – Intercooler. This is a “Take Off” part in very good Condition, cleaned and painted.


119773 18340 3119773 18340



Yanmar "Take Off" Single Station Oil sender unit.
This "Take Off" mean when Engines was sold NEW for a Duo station we replace the Original oil sender from Factory and install a duo station. This Mean that this oil sender never was used except for a for a Dino Test.
This sender unit seles new for $153.74 .
We Offer this Sender for a Discount price of $75.00 each.
Apply to all following Yanmar Engines: 3JH series, 4JH series, 4LH series, 6LP series, 6LYA & 6LY2 series.
Not for a new Electronic controlled Engines.

119773 91501



Remanufactured Raw water pump. Yanmar Diesel


719593 42701719593 42701 1









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