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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Parts / Filters / Air Filters / 6LY2 Air Filter Kit

6LY2 Air Filter Kit

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Sales price: $500.00
Sales price without tax: $500.00
Yanmar 6LY2 AIRSEP KIT $500.00
Update your 6LYA or 6LY2  Air Filter.
Rid your engine room of a messy oily film and upgrade your Yanmar 6LY serie engine to the new standards of air filtration and crankcase fumes disposal found on new engines sold today. The Walker AIRSEP is the premiere closed crankcase system that incorporates three systems in one. The unit includes a washable high performance air filter, a crankcase fumes disposal feature, and an integrated air intake silencer, all in one compact package. The AIRSEP(r) delivers value, performance, and reliability. Once installed, system benefits include: Lower engine crankcase pressure that helps reduce the chance of oil seal leaks. No more noxious crankcase odors in your salon or living areas. High performance air filtration that helps your engine breath better for increased performance and fuel economy, and a built-in silencer that helps to reduce air intake noise improving passenger comfort. The AIRSEP(r) is the only system on the market that mounts directly on your 6LY turbo air inlet as a single unit directly in place of your stock air filter. This kit was sale under a yanmar # 119575-18500 for over $1400.00, now you can have this kit for an incredible price of $500.00


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